We went to carnival city with our baby boy

A song by hardley armanni




Verse One:

deep in july

i cannot find you

you left me dry

i thought my forever ever


is you,


still cant believe that you gone, yeah

how can this shit be my fault, damn

why you declining calls, damn

please baby please hear me out


fuck about you bout my boy yeah

wish i could turn back the time

wish i could hit one more

it hurt that u not by side baby


you was supposed to be mine baby

you looked me straight in my eyes

open your mouth know you lying

i dont hear shit now its silent


how could u leave me ?

how could u leave me ?

how do u see me ?

i thought u need me


took  me to carnival city with Kai

but that was you telling me


i put it on me my baby really fly

i cannot see you bitch nigga die


How could a person like you bring me joy?
They dont know much about her
better hurry up, come get your man

im your friend fan ever

i made promise to you

now and forever ever

im finna luv you forever



i dont need a second chance

i just need me new romance

this for nights that i would cry

pray to god pray you mine


i gucci good by myself

i took a journey found myself

in the middle of a crowd

im finna dance im finna bop


you and me bony clyde

you left me high, no goodbye

i’ll forget the pain inside

i still need you badly by my side


this is not a breakup song

this you left me bitch all alone

turn it up turn me up

fill me up fill my cup of love


my gogo smiling from above at me

put a boujee bitch on her knees

who go hold down bih like me

who go eat you up like samees




Smoking zooties in a hotel room
If you need a second opinion as you seem to do these days
They think she aint shit
Now it’s time to sing along

Verse Two:
Having purple zoot for breakfast
Ooooo, is enough, enough?
They think she should get it
Maybe you thought we’d look kinda cute together

Smoking zooties in a hotel room
‘Cause the joke that you laid in the bed that was me
They think she aint shit
It’s not fair to deny me