Strength makes us strong, stand with your home team. I’m jus there will never be unity

A song by der rick

Verse One:
Strength in #’s makes us strong,

no physicality makes us wrong

comfortably thoughtless

content with the home team.
How can there be unity?

my 🫀beats blatant race inequality

Superior superiority complexity

makes u “4 the< Good “ authority?

Having $ saves your stupidity

Yet break glass under my children’s feet

Rah rah Ree the country

Deceived ideals of unity

Rah rah Ras the country

false idealism unity

Please get out if you can’t lend a hand
There’s Nothing to die for

There’s NoThing to kill
Imagine people living life in peace

No politician speaks the truth

cloned to believe in war
We who fight by day and night
Face the hate, bound to get irate


convey belief your time

to you is worth savin’

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