She’s Truly Beautiful In Life

A song by Romantically2

Falling In Love and
With you by my side
My heart smiles so bright and
When I hold you in my arms
Just listen to my heart
Beating I love you every night
And I can show you the world to

Forever with you
And I see my whole future in your eyes
It’s so beautiful between me and you it’s
True Love between me and you
It’s true love coming true
Oh sweetheart I feel your
Love touching my heart

Verse Two:
I love you
I love you
I truly do
She smiles and whispers

I love you too and there’s

Nothing else to say
She’s my soulmate
Every day and I love her
So much in life I want her
To become my beautiful wife
And this is your song
I write for truly for you

Ever you and me
Across the deep blue ocean sea
And It’s
True Love forever between you and me
Yes I love you every day and sweetheart
She’s forever in my heart to stay
And just listen to her beating away.


Written By David P Carroll.