On a roll

A song by cheekz-twenty3seven7

Verse One

On a roll
But they’re  eyes saw right through my soul
THOUGHT I was on a roll

Antisocial so places I would never go


Family wonders Why I’m still in the same position

The THOUGHT leaving them only to question

while questioned me℘

makingme feel Tired of living

Them having faith in me knowing I’m using what irony

But never gave up hope

Wishing for the best for me


Verse Two:
Need to quit this addiction
Smoking meth but Know i should be smoking natural herb nothing but chronic

Meth is all chemsof which are Poisoning my mind

So there for I’ll never unfold relax grow and unwindI

Nothing natural

All hazardous so stay with this addiction to meth then more time will pass

Still wondering why I’m still in the same path

Thinking I’m on a roll

Then again same position

Lighter to pipe

Just smoked another bowl.


Same lost soul

All cause her addiction

She didn’t let go.

Ya I was on a roll but not in the right direction

Still after All this time

Same position same addiction


Letting me my family down no longer needing to wonder or question


If ever a Next time they question

Why in the same position

again just to get the same result

KNOWING  I’m tired of living.



All cause the addiction

was why I stay tired Smoking living.



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