Empty,,, all alone

A song by spxcemilke

Verse One:
i’m Empty,,, all alone
Another six months till I’ll be unknown
Didn\\\\\\\’t take the chance to tell you how i feel
I took my time, and wouldn’t hurry up

You\\\’re gone now, now its way to late
We played out on this movie screen
Bury me under sheets, so i could hide
But I promise i’ll be back in time

Verse Two:
Walked out as a way to escape
Please don’t think that this was easy
I left you behind,,, now im all alone
I laughed the loudest who’d have known?

You\\\’re gone now, now its way to late
The choice was mine I didn’t think through
Buried under my sheets, i like to hide
Making out if i’m still alive.

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