Autumn Love

A song by Rosie

Verse One:

The weather is getting colder and darker, and the leaves are starting to fall.
Overnight it was cool. The ground was frozen in the morning, and the air was filled with mist and fog.
You hear dry, dead leaves crunching under your feet and see clouds appearing when you breathe out.
The old and out-of-date appeals to me
Making jokes and laughing at them
A countdown to your destination


In the moonlight, under the blooming tree
Staying up all night and sleeping all day
No fear at all
My mind wanders back to the feeling of a fifty-yard line.

Verse Two:

Instantly, we are taken back to the past.
See how cold and heartless I am now.
A hill awaits us as we walk
Under the moonlight, under the blossom tree
Growing up isn’t something I remember


Under the bloom tree in the moonlight
It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right
No fear at all.
We got too complicated
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