My Trashy Ex

A song by morganfair25

Verse One:
Going trick or treating with you
There’s nowhere to run or hide
Watching a movie with you
Since when were you so generous and caring

Going to dinner with you
That forces you to act this way
I fucking hate you
That’s the chance I’ve got to take

Verse Two:
By getting with your best friend
So go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy
By making you miss me
So young and naive to believe that with me

Going to dinner with you
Cause there’s just an empty space
I fucking hate you
Those days are gone and over

Verse Three:

I’ll never love you again

I’m in love with your best friend now

so I fucking you and all the shit you put me through

so this is my final goodbye to you and all our memories


going to dinner with you

you make feel me so bad

I fucking hate you

our memories are all in the trash just like you