Id run away

A song by jesicabwe30

Verse One:
Id run away
Well I trip over everything you say
Everything in my life
It’s wearing off

My friends
The choice was mine I didn’t think enough
If I try to be happy someone ruins it saying it’s not ok
My inarticulate store-bought hangover hobby kit

Verse Two:
Stab in the heart
I am alone trying to make the part
I’m so dreamy thinking about how it would feel like to  play
Too close, too close (How close is close enough?)NOT CLOSE ENOUGH

My friends
I try to make amends
If I try to be happy someone ruins it
You and your big… dreams I always try to make your life right but you always say your not right id run away id run away for the sake of my life everything I do is wrong why can’t you tell me its right if you switched places with me you’d run away you’d run away just to feel the pain