Driving down a dark path

A song by noel.bautista

Verse One:
Driving down a dark path
Not knowing I’d feel the wrath
It’s bright but there’s no sign life
It’s like a twisted knife

I am alone
Oh, and that’s not good for me
That trip to Vegas
Take me home to the place I belong

Verse Two:
Sunny and bright
Five card poker on Saturday night
But now it’s black and white
Something just isn’t quite right

I am alone
Give me a tin roof
That trip to Vegas
All those faces

Just  an empty wonderland

I look to Peter Pan

Just to make a stand

In this empty world that we all call wonderland

That wonderland

This empty land

A reaching hand

Trying to save your from

That dark night run

and that man with the gun…

He says you are the one

And now you’re more than gone….