Dancing alone by myself

A song by sym

Verse One:
Dancing alone by myself
The gods may throw the dice but~
im still sitting here scrolling through my phone looking on social media
This is Driving crazy seeing people being in love and having so much fun

I hate you so much you used and manip-ulated me
Come pick up the memories that we shared on those days
I fucking hate you so much i fucking hate your guts
How can I put it easily? oh yea please just leave me

Verse Two:
I want someone to love me for more than just my body
But where do i belong?
The late night phone calls when we Would fell asleep still kinda keep me wake
The loser’s standing so tall still dont know who to call?

I hate you you used me and manipulated my heart
And loves so distant and obscure
I fucking hate your entire soul
Slow it down a bit and to you i Suggest you never come back again! but before you go i only have a few things to say

i want you to tell me x2

Tell me truly did you ever love me or did you just love seeing that part of me

you and me are not the same